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They are colorful, like candy and they burn for EXACTLY 5.5 hours! Here are our Mini Candles! Tealights are long gone! Come on, buy yourself a gift and add color to your environment!


Don't forget to choose colors and fragrances!



* Mini jar with black lid  Except for the candle, all other visible objects are decorations. It cannot be sold. When you buy, only the black-lidded mini jar candle you choose is sent. Please make your selection by looking at individual photos. Do not try to order decor.

Mini Candles

SKU: 011
  • Contents:  Glass Jar, Soy Paraffin, Natural Essence, Natural Color Powder

    Burning Time:  Max. 5.5 hours

  • Unless a custom-made order is ordered, your product will be sent to MNG Cargo within 3 working days.

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