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Meet our colorful censers! It is very different from the normal ones with its vivid colors and double-sided appearance! Our half-earth, half-ceramic censers will add elegance to your home. Throw any number of wickless, censer candles on your plate, put a tealight candle in the space underneath and your house will smell sweet! 


Since our censers are handmade, their models are different. Only color options are available. The color you want from the models we have is chosen in a mixed way.


A mini censer candle set is a gift to our customers who buy a censer!  



* All other visible objects except censers are decorations. It cannot be sold. Only the censer and mini wickless candle gift of your choice when you purchase  is sent.


SKU: 009
  • Contents:  Earthenware, Ceramic Natural Paint

  • Unless a custom-made order is ordered, your product will be sent to MNG Cargo within 3 working days.

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