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Our candles made from hobby plaster  very stylish! It adds elegance to your environment with its matte black appearance and colored soy wax. Candles you can choose the color you want  After it's finished, you can use it as a stylish flower pot too! To use it as a flower pot, don't forget to make a small hole in the bottom :)


Candle color, scent option and pot model when ordering  Don't forget to choose!



* Except for plaster mold, all other visible objects are decorations. It cannot be sold. When you buy, only the plaster mold candle you choose is sent.

Gypsum Mold Candles

SKU: 010
  • Contents:  Hobby plaster, Soy Paraffin, Natural Essence

  • Unless a custom-made order is ordered, your product will be sent to MNG Cargo within 3 working days.

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